Acrylic paint

Acrylic paint is a pictorial technique and a means of painting using pigments mixed with synthetic resins.

Acrylic paint consists of two elements:

  • Pigments: Similar to those of oil painting, of mineral or organic origin, natural (rare) or synthetic. Unlike oil painting, the level of grinding of the pigments should not be too refined.
  • The binder: An emulsion of water and acrylic resin or polymer. One variant is the Acrylo-vinyl binder (vinyl paint). The texture of the binder is more or less fluid depending on the manufacturer.

You, me, she, pass and disappear nothing remains changes but not the words, not the painting.

Virginia Woolf

Clay sculpture

Clay is a material of choice for the sculptor. Easy to work, durable and solid after baking. Reusable, it offers great freedom of expression.

Sculpture is an artistic activity which consists in designing and making shapes in volume, in relief, or in round-hump (statuary), in high-relief, in Bas-relief, by modeling, by direct size, by welding or assembly. The term sculpture also refers to the object resulting from this activity.

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