Who am I:

My name is Elise Terrier, as far back as I remember I have always been passionate about creativity, transformation, colors and modeling. 

The painting allows me to enter into meditation, I feel calm and serene when the brush slides on my canvas…

And what a satisfaction it is to provide different emotions and to realize that people are affected by my work.

Many things in this world disappear but art remains…

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What I do:

  • Acrylic paints and clay sculptures, I love several themes, such as marine spaces or Hinduism. I am influenced by this culture and I aspire to my creations to be soothing.
  • Authenticity, serenity, and relaxation are the names that inspire my creations   
  • My style of painting is sometimes naïve, one can find a touch of fauvism, this ambiguity relative to each being can suggest that some of my creations can be abstract, surreal or even figurative… 



About acrylic Paint

About Clay sculpture


Find your comments and what you thought when you discovered the paintings and sculptures…


Really beautiful! Continue to share all your works… A real pleasure!
Chris Merchant


Elise you're too strong!
Yarsiah-Line Lee


Beautiful canvas.
Michael Adrien Payan

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Christmas Market Saint-Zechariah
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